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Sebastian's gets its walls smashed in

It was a bit chilly and still dark at 7 a.m., this morning when Columbia Development Companies was set to demolish the former Sebastian's building, an old strip club. That didn't keep Colonie Supervisor Paula Mahan from being all smiles while watching the building be taken down.

"It feels good," Mahan said. "The building needed to come down and today's the day, so we're really happy about that."

The process to take the building down started on Monday with the asbestos abate along with the removal of the roof. On Tuesday the town was given an asbestos abatement certification from New York State, which led us to today's demolition.

It started out with a backhoe ripping two trees from the ground. The first was in the back of the building closest to NBT Bank, which is helping in funding the process. Then another tree in the front of the building was removed, making it easier for drivers and pedestrians making a right turn to see what's on the other side.

"The visibility is going to be improved at the corner here for both pedestrians and the drivers," Mahan said. "It's been a long time coming."

Soon enough, the side wall of Sebastian's came down, revealing the inside of the former strip club where a rusty stripper pole, what appeared to be Christmas garland and an American flag were still there.

The stripper pole was then removed by the backhoe eventually (and apparently one of the construction workers already claimed it. Trust me, I asked.)

Workers said the demolition process will most likely continue into next week as there will still be some cleanup to do. Mahan said the area will remain as green space, unless someone else decides to purchase the parcel.

"It will remain as green space," Mahan said. "It doesn't have access so I will imagine it will stay as green space."

So, for those of you who had fond memories of Sebastian's, go and say your goodbyes now while there is still some rubble left.


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