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Life’s soundtrack

Tape cassettes are making a comeback (for some they never left), and to pay homage to the beloved “mix tape” we’ve compiled the Top Five songs to our life soundtracks

You know a trend has reached its pinnacle when Mom starts asking you about something she saw on the home shopping channel. So goes the phenomenon of vinyl records and the record players you find on QVC that will play them. However, following behind this trend is the re-emergence of the tape cassette.

Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany is hosting holiday events for all ages through the month of December

As rich and ever-present as Albany’s history may be in its cityscape, it may not come alive more vibrantly than during the holidays.

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Flowing in tune

Russel the Leaf has recorded, collaborated and performed around the Capital District for the last four years; says his next projects include even more collaborating, a music video, and ultimately, a r

“I love this song,” said Evan Marré as Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” begins playing at The Brakes coffee shop on Lark Street in Albany. The 22-year-old musician from Scotia has just been discussing his recent musical influences: Todd Rundgren, Prince, Randy Newman and, his all-time favorite, The Beach Boys. “They’re incredible,” he said reverentially.

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Local artist is breathing new life into a Victorian Aged artform involving photography

There is something about Monhegan, ME that draws local artist Corlis Carroll to the artists’ island community. It may be how the low rising sun casts long shadows across its rolling hills, it could be the rich history of housing America’s first impressionist artists, but for nearly two decades she has called it home.

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Marty Wendell reflects on a fruitful musical career

Some musicians rest on their laurels once they reach 70 years old. Not Marty Wendell.

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Video game audio has evolved from blips and beeps into an art form appreciated by fans and players within a multi-billion dollar industry

From a second floor auditorium in Rensselaer’s West Hall, programming students listened to one of the most accomplished gaming audio engineers in the Western Hemisphere.

‘Spectre’ leaves movie-goers wondering if Daniel Craig is done playing James Bond

Is this the last James Bond? Though it has not been confirmed, there is speculation “Spectre” will be Daniel Craig’s last film portraying James Bond.

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The changing of the seasons does not take away from the beauty of local nature preserves

As you walk, cycle or drive around the rural areas at the fringes of our towns, do you ever wonder when that scenic view, woodland or field may be lost to development?

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Fans of the comic book genre are in for a smashing good time

Marvel Universe Live is coming to Albany, Thursday, Nov. 5 to Sunday, Nov. 8.

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100 “Walk Your City” smart signs unveiled at intersections around Albany

Colleen Ryan knew she was on to something when she asked everyone in the room to each raise their left hand.

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Colonie’s eateries to take spotlight

After this year saw the town boom with new restaurants, next week’s Colonie Restaurant Week will see participation from a record number of new eateries, as well as some established upscale favorites.

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Domestic violence is a “closed door” crime that affects more people than you think, more people than you know

It’s Sunday – Football Sunday – in the month of October. Millions of fans watch as professional football players with the size and physique of Greek Gods take the field wearing pink.

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First studio album for local favorite is a special tribute

Music is cathartic. Whether you sling a guitar strap over your shoulder and strum a few chords, or lie on your bed and listen to someone else, the melodies and choruses strings you along on a journey. It takes you away.

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Flavorfeast festival comes back to Saratoga Springs for a second year

Fans of different worldly delicacies will want to plan a pilgrimage to Saratoga Springs this Saturday for The Saratoga International Flavorfeast.

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Demand for downtown residential property makes search for new home difficult on Albany Center Gallery

Downtown’s only art gallery dedicated to showcasing local artists should be planning to celebrate its 40th anniversary for next year, but it can’t. It has to worry about finding another place to live.