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Dragons and damsels

Landis Arboretum program will take people on a dragonfly hunt

Get an up close look at some unique insects during “Dragonflies and Damselflies,” on Saturday, July 19, at the Landis Arboretum. Anne Donnelly, dragonfly surveyor for the New York State Natural Heritage Program, will lead the afternoon "field trip."

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Delayed diploma

Colonie Central student who spent her graduation in the ER dons cap and gown a second time

After years of hard work and dedication, a Colonie Central student was set to graduate when she lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital Friday, June 27. Following her recovery, her friends wanted to make sure she received her diploma in her cap and gown.

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Menands School students propose utensil swap

Members of Menands Inquiry Team convince school board to make the switch from plastic to reusable silverware

A group of Menands students found that making a small change in the school’s lunchtime routine will save money and reduce pollution.

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Voorheesville eyes $1.3M grant for rail trail project

Village officials finalize plan, target state funds for enhancing trail’s end

Voorheesville Board of Trustees on Tuesday, May 27, approved submitting an application requesting $1.3 million of federal Transportation Alternatives Program funding for its rail trail project.

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Colonie teens speak out against distracted driving

Contest winner’s PSA displayed on Central Avenue billboard

High school students united in a campaign to create a public service announcement to bring awareness to distracted driving.

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Not your average school event

Raiderfest includes a 5K race and carnival games

Colonie Central High School is holding a one-of-a-kind event where more than 500 students have volunteered to participate in a fundraiser that has everything from a 5-kilometer race to carnival games, craft vendors and food trucks.

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Fund drive for Colonie Central High School robotics team

Dealership partners with school to raise money to help cover club’s expenses

A robotics team partnered with Dodge and Armory Garage to host a test drive in an effort to raise money for the Colonie Central High School Robotics Team.

UPDATED: North Colonie approves $101.3 million budget

North Colonie residents added new members to the Board of Education and approved the district’s $101.3 million budget for 2014-15 by a tally of 1,328 yes votes to 566 no votes on Tuesday, May 20.

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UPDATED: South Colonie voters approve $95.2 million budget

Administrators thank community for support in the face of difficult decisions

Voters passed a 2014-15 budget Tuesday, May 20, for a financially strained South Colonie School District, with the spending plan including cuts to transportation and a well-liked physical education teacher.

South Colonie bus drivers voice concern over budget cuts

Drivers dropped from full to part time retain their benefits

Following the resignation of a popular physical education teacher, the focus has shifted from athletics to transportation as bus drivers and parents voiced their concern over the elimination of midday universal pre-kindergarten runs in Colonie.

North Colonie budget proposal at max allowed increase

Superintendent says community has supported similar rates in the past

At the budget hearing to outline the 2014-15 spending plan for North Colonie Central Schools, questions was raised as to why the district is boosting taxes to the maximum amount allowable, even though it isn’t in financial distress.

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Rwandan genocide survivor speaks at Shaker High School

Mukeshimana talked about her path to freedom in the United States

Shaker High School held its first Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony Tuesday, April 29, and had a survivor of the Rwandan genocide speak about how important it is to remember these events so they don’t happen again.

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20 years of drama

Sand Creek Middle School’s Cast & Crew club gives everyone a shot at the stage

A school drama club that started 20 years ago with the intent of involving every student who wanted to participate is having a special reunion following the afternoon performance of their spring musical, “Annie.”

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Shaker alumna wins award

2010 graduate takes less traditional path to further her education

A Shaker High School alumna who is currently a senior at the University of Chicago recently received a grant that few people in the world have had the privilege of accepting.

South Colonie cuts midday bus routes for pre-kindergarten students

Budget constraints lead to cuts in driver hours

After another year of being financially strained, South Colonie Central School District is cutting midday transportation for universal pre-K students, forcing parents to find other ways to get their children to school.