LETTER: Where was the assistance?

Editor, The Spotlight;

Three evenings ago, my two college-aged daughters were enjoying a nice bicycle ride in our hometown of Loudonville. They were traveling down a hill on East Hills Boulevard (near Albany-Shaker Road) when my youngest daughter hit a slippery spot on the pavement, and her bike hydroplaned. She was afraid of hitting a large area of rocks, so she twisted her body toward the curb in an effort to protect her head. Fortunately, she was wearing a helmet, but she was thrown onto the curb on a busy roadway, which does not have a shoulder. She was badly stunned and badly injured, and she was unable to get up right away.

My other daughter also hit the slippery pavement, but she was able to avoid slamming into her sister or suffering a crash herself. My youngest daughter was bleeding heavily in several places, and her damaged bicycle had landed upside down in the street. The two girls were struggling to get up and into a safer spot, and they were concerned because they didn’t have their cell phones with them. Unfortunately, the nearest house was at the top of the hill, and my oldest daughter was afraid to leave her badly injured sister alone on the pavement.

My daughters were absolutely stunned at the number of residents who drove around the bicycle in the street and ignored them in their moment of need. Several residents even slowed down and stared at them, as my daughter had blood running down her arms and legs, and then they drove off without offering to assist them.

Sadly, my daughters counted 36 cars who drove right past them, so they were forced to stand in the middle of the street and wave their arms for help. One young man kindly stopped and allowed them to use his cell phone to call home for help. He even offered to drive them (blood and all) to our home. We are so appreciative that the young man was kind and helped them.

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